Welcome to Upward Bound Recording Studio

Upward Bound Recording Studio is an Audio Production Facility. We are located in the downtown area of Reidsville, North Carolina. We have worked with bands, artists, groups and choirs in all genres including Hip-Hop, Alternative, Indie, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, R&B, Metal and Punk.

Our mission is to give every client the ultimate experience by providing a comfortable pleasing environment, quality sound, and great customer service. We service every genre from solo artists, groups, bands, radio spots, commercials, voiceovers and more.

Upward Bound studio was built and designed as a full-service facility with quality, comfort and visual appeal in mind. As musicians and artists themselves, with experiences ranging from 16 to 30 years, we understand the importance of getting the right sound for your project.

Studio projects requires knowledge and experience which Upward Bound has taken the time with effort to study, so clients get a great quality product. At Upward Bound our goal is to give your project the personal attention that it deserves. Whether you need an inexpensive demo, a polished radio-ready production or a full blown album Upward Bound can have you sounding like the Pros.

In today’s digital marketplace anyone can buy a computer program with an inexpensive microphone and advertise as a recording studio. However you’re not going to receive that professional work ethic or engineer’s knowledge needed to complete your project. Even if you aren’t familiar with sound, you will quickly recognize the difference when you hear your music recorded by us. You’ll only have to try recording with us once and you will be hooked.

With a great atmosphere and friendly staff, you will feel at home for every recording project. Our studio features a spacious vocal booth, an isolation drum booth and plenty of room for individuals, groups or bands. A band can record live in a room together without having to track each instrument separately. This allows you the creative outlet you will need to make your project sound and feel the way you imagined. Come on in and get comfortable! Trust our engineering to take your music and your artistic creativity to the next level. Let us help you bring your ideas to life. Upward Bound Recording utilizes Pro Tools for digital recording and also other latest software applications.

Put a finishing touch to your recording project, we can help design and create everything from album covers to flyers that will help you get your message across.


-Garry L. Percell Owner/CEO




We do not have many rules at Upward Bound Recording Studio so we expect all of our rules to be followed and respected.

  • No smoking inside the facility at all
  • No food allowed in the control room
  • Only beverage with lids will be allowed in the control room
  • No horse playing/fooling around allowed
  • Do not touch any of the equipment/gear (guitars), without permission
  • Anything you break, you pay for
  • No Children are allowed in the control room, only in the lobby or lounge area

Time -Respect people’s time. In the studio industry, as most others, time equals money. There’s no such thing as fashionably late to the studio, and keeping someone sitting around is inconsiderate.
Engineers – Setup ahead of time. In theory, an artist should be able to walk through the door, step behind the mic, and record immediately. The headphones should be up and tested, software open and ready to go. If the client is there and your mic isn’t set up (provided they told you in advance what you were doing that day) then you are late.
The client walking in means the session has started and the clock is running.
Cleanliness – Always try to leave the Studio how you found it no food or candy wrappers, or cups left around
If you happen to damage something, please act like an adult and let the engineer know. Accidents happen, and can be worked out, but if I find something broken months later and have to backtrack to find out what happened, I’ll likely be far less reasonable

Thank You,

Upward Bound Recording Studio & Upward Bound Music Group

Garry L. Percell / CEO 
Upward Bound Recording Studios

Garry L. Percell / CEO Upward Bound Recording Studios