" Upward Bound Recording Studio has cutting edge equipment, experienced engineers and production staff. An excellent choice for you're recording needs if you are serious about your music"

Fred "Funki" Mills
Sweet Dreams Band


" Garry Percell is a wiz in the studio and Upward Bound is a great place to do your next project! "

Paul Irving



" Amazing customer service! Superb quality product! Welcoming environment! "

Tanisha Walker 

" It has been a pleasure doing one of my projects with Garry at Upward Bound Recording Studio. Communication and quality have been great. He has managed to give me the sound that I am very happy with. Straight from walking in the door your sessions are ready to roll. He is truly a professional and his skills as an engineer are superb. I have recorded in many studios all over since 1978 each one being unique, but it has been a pleasure working at Upward Bound Recording Studio. Garry is truly a professional in this field, giving the artist exactly what they are looking for. As this being my first project as a producer, going back and listening, after tracks were down, there wasn't much left to produce LOL.

I would recommend recording here to anyone and communication is A1. "


Michael Bolejack



" I look forward to recording there! You have created an amazing studio that is live-music friendly and esthetically on par with the best studios on the planet. This is not to mention your years of experience and high level of musicality that go with that. After your grand opening, North Carolina and the region will certainly recognize the jewel in Reidsville (as many bands have done already from the pre-opening word of mouth buzz)! Congratulations on the fruits of all your hard work... a job well done my brother! "

Robert Irving III

M.D. at Sonic Portraits Orchestra


"My name is CHRIS MURRELL of W-S, NC. Garry is my longtime brother in the struggle to promote art and music to a starving world! I'll cut to the chase; in this area home studios have provided us with wonderful places to create. But we always had to go to the" BIG CITY" to complete, that was until the arrival of UPWARD BOUND RECORDING STUDIO. Garry and staff have combined big city sophistication and technical savvy right in Reidsville NC., AN OASIS IN THE DESERT BELEIVE ME. Garry’s respect for art/music will govern what you'll get. So if you want it done right call UPWARD BOUND talk to Garry and save yourself a plane ticket to the BIG CITY!!! PEACE."


Chris Murrell

World Renowned Grammy Winning Vocalist and 17 year veteran of The World Famous