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About: Garry L. Percell

CEO of Upward Bound Recording Studio

Garry Percell was born and raised in Reidsville, NC he is one of 7 siblings who grew up in a talented household. Most of us were musically inclined, his mother is a pianist and all of us either played an instrument or sang, we would practice singing and playing every day after school. Garry began playing the guitar at the age of nine and has played guitar for over 25 years and has a solid background in electric and acoustic guitar as well as bass guitar. Garry is a respected studio and stage musician, producer, project- consultant and has toured nationally with several recording artist.

While I was in school at Reidsville Senior High I also help formed bands and talent shows. A few years later Robert Irving, III composer/producer/musician pianist at the time with The Legendary Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, a friend and musician helped me get a job as a studio session guitarist in Chicago, IL. His Secular background has roots in R&B, Jazz, Blues such as the likes of Grammy Award Recording Artist General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board, and he has shared the stage with artist such as Kool and the Gang, Cameo and Confunksion .

Garry is also founder of Garry Percell and Anointed Vision a gospel group that he started when he came off the road touring as a guitarist with several groups, he is a former member of the Reidsville Human Relations Committee where he started the 1st annual "Unity in Action Concerts", he is Vice Chair Person of the Reidsville Zoning And Planning Board, he is an Associate Minister of Judah House of Worship.

Garry is owner and CEO of Upward Bound Recording Studio. I saw a need in the community and wanted to give back to the community. When I was growing up I had so many mentors, that lived in my neighborhood that helped mold me into the man I am today, whether it was help with my musical career as a guitarist or singer, I was in the choir all of my high school years and at the church also, and I also had mentors that help with my artistic skills.

 We do not see many mentors in the communities that are willing to help the community now days. I also have developed and is working on a program that will help the community, it is called Upward Bound Empowerment Inc. a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization located in the downtown area of Reidsville, North Carolina.

 Our primary objectives are to enrich the lives of adults and children we serve by offering support, teach development programs and services that build strong healthy self-esteem, life skills, employability skills, in entertainment, & the arts are just some of the programs offered year round to residents. We are dedicated to providing a central place where people of all races, and ages can come to learn, teach, play, and work together.

Our mission is to create a positive environment where everyone can feel like they are doing their part in the betterment of our communities, to enrich the lives of students through exploration of the arts and through artistic expression. We cultivate children's individual creativity through music, visual art, recording, and management. We maintain a high quality program with trained staff that provides personal attention.

This has been a long hard road for me, but I am doing something I love doing, and God has gifted me with a measure of talents that I feel I need to share with his people.

God is continuing to bless me and I am forever Grateful!!!!!


About: Evan C. Reid

CEO A&R Director/Account Executive of Upward Bound Music Group, Inc.

 Evan Reid is a Greensboro, North Carolina native, and a 15 year veteran and student of the music industry in the hip hop and R&B genres. As a student of
NCA&TSU located in Greensboro, North Carolina he studied graphic communications and is known for being a talented fine artist as well.

His musical lineage includes being son of renowned industry guitarist Garry Percell. Evan has garnered attention regionally and nationally through performing, writing, touring, and radio engagements.

He has worked with several industry recognized North Carolina and nationally known artists and producers.

Aside from music and art Evan's passions include reading, couture, and sports. He is also dedicated to and enjoys facilitating the positive progression of youth in
society through non-profits such as the Conscious Youth Global Network movement and Upward Bound Youth Empowerment, Inc.





UBRS Partners

Fred "Funki" Mills, a Reidsville NC native is a vocalist, keyboardist, writer, arranger and producer with an extensive background in the music industry. Fred and Tameka Records.The founder of the successful brand Sweet Dreams Productions and Band, Fred's mission is artist development and production in R&B, Smooth Jazz and Neo Gospel. has performed, produced or recorded with artist such as,
Betty Davis (ex wife of Miles Davis), Chops (horn section for The Police and Alicia Keys), Doug Wimbish (bassist for Living Colour), Cindy Mizelle (Luther Vandross and Steely Dan),Teddy Riley (Kids at Work), Atlantic Records, Sugarhill Records, Mercury Records