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Upward Bound Recording Studio is an Audio Production Facility. We are located in the downtown area of Reidsville, North Carolina. We have worked with bands, artists, groups and choirs in all genres including Hip-Hop, Alternative, Indie, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, R&B, Metal and Punk.

Our mission is to give every client the ultimate experience by providing a comfortable pleasing environment, quality sound, and great customer service. We service every genre from solo artists, groups, bands, radio spots, commercials, voiceovers and more.

Upward Bound studio was built and designed as a full-service facility with quality, comfort and visual appeal in mind. As musicians and artists themselves, with experiences ranging from 16 to 30 years, we understand the importance of getting the right sound for your project.

Studio projects requires knowledge and experience which Upward Bound has taken the time with effort to study, so clients get a great quality product. At Upward Bound our goal is to give your project the personal attention that it deserves. Whether you need an inexpensive demo, a polished radio-ready production or a full blown album Upward Bound can have you sounding like the Pros.

In today’s digital marketplace anyone can buy a computer program with an inexpensive microphone and advertise as a recording studio. However you’re not going to receive that professional work ethic or engineer’s knowledge needed to complete your project. Even if you aren’t familiar with sound, you will quickly recognize the difference when you hear your music recorded by us. You’ll only have to try recording with us once and you will be hooked.

With a great atmosphere and friendly staff, you will feel at home for every recording project. Our studio features a spacious vocal booth, an isolation drum booth and plenty of room for individuals, groups or bands. A band can record live in a room together without having to track each instrument separately. This allows you the creative outlet you will need to make your project sound and feel the way you imagined. Come on in and get comfortable! Trust our engineering to take your music and your artistic creativity to the next level. Let us help you bring your ideas to life. Upward Bound Recording utilizes Pro Tools for digital recording and also other latest software applications.

Put a finishing touch to your recording project, we can help design and create everything from album covers to flyers that will help you get your message across.

-Garry L. Percell Owner/CEO

Upward Bound Music Group has been established to offer an alternative to the often daunting task of gaining the notoriety of large corporate music labels, by providing a homegrown talent based platform, where the serious artist will be able to realize their musical dreams.

UBMG endeavor’s to empower artists of any genre to grow and gain access to decades of experience and feel secure with the ideals and services offered by their music label.Upward Bound Music Group intends to operate within the highest levels of morality,decency and class, while creating a space for artists to profit from their musical efforthrough physical CD sales, online file sales, television/radio airplay, live show performances, as well as merchandising endeavors.

We intend to offer an artist their very own slice of Motown with the sole purpose of making music history regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Mission Statement: To create quality opportunities for undiscovered artist and musicians.

Upward Bound Music Group purpose: The purpose of Upward Bound Music Group is to be a creative platform for undiscovered artists and musicians to be heard and to be connected in a power-driven and saturated industry.

-Evan C. Reid CEO






Hey everybody! Help me welcome the newest member to the staff at Upward Bound Recording Studio... Audio Engineer David Bray...Welcome to the UBRS FAMILY DAVID! 

Hey everybody! Help me welcome the newest member to the staff at Upward Bound Recording Studio... Audio Engineer David Bray...Welcome to the UBRS FAMILY DAVID!

His bio:
I have worked in and have relationships with many different studios, types of project and genres of music for over 25 years, I also play several instruments and have traveled all over the US with bands and playing as a session musician. I have worked on projects for major record labels such as Sony and Capit...ol Records, I have also produced music for television and commercials. I’m familiar with a wide variety of Analogue and Digital studio equipment and I’m well versed in all professional digital workstations as well as many other software packages. Whatever the project I will work to suit your need, make sure it is of the best quality and matches your creative vision.

.. More info about Davids techical background can be found on our website www.upwardboundonline.com

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From the desk of President and Ceo of Upward Bound Recording Studio 

From the desk of President and Ceo of Upward Bound Recording Studio, I would like to thank all of you that chose our facility during the harsh winter to record. I sincerely thank you for your support. Now that hot summer has arrived, we are asking you to bring your hit ideas to us and watch them come a live...so call now we're ready for you. 336 552-1178 ask for Garry Percell

Upward Bound Recording Studios
218 South Scales Street
Reidsville,NC 27320
(336) 552-1178

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